Stanley, Peter, ed.: Jeff Grey: A Life in History

Peter Stanley, ed.

Jeff Grey: A Life in History, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, UNSW Canberra, Canberra, 2018

Memorial volume for UNSW Canberra’s late Professor of History. Authors are Frank Bongiorno, John Connor, Peter Dennis, Eleanor Hancock, Peter Stanley, Craig Stockings, and Will Westerman, with a foreword by Peter Dennis. The book includes a bibliography of Grey’s work by Emily Gibbs.

Professor Jeff Grey (1959-2016) was one of Australia’s most notable military historians, whose visibility overseas, and especially in North America, was if anything greater than at home. In a career sadly cut short, he wrote, co-wrote or edited more than thirty books, published many articles and reviews, and influenced hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate history students at UNSW Canberra and its precursors, where he taught for more than thirty years. In Jeff Grey: A Life in History, former colleagues, counterparts, collaborators and postgraduate candidates offer reflections and reminiscences on Jeff’s life and career. They look at Jeff as a colleague, his obsession with sport, his interest in official history, the relationships he formed beyond Australia and the historical profession, his place in broader Australian historiography and his contribution to recognising frontier conflict as a part of Australian military history. Jeff Grey: A Life in History includes the first attempt to record his prolific outlook as a writer. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by Andrew Richardson. Wikipedia entry on Grey. Appreciation of Grey by Mark Dapin. Obituary by Peter Edwards. Obituary by Peter Stanley. YouTube of book launch. At the time of writing (November 2018), a limited number of copies of the book under review were available free of charge from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, UNSW Canberra.

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