Sherratt, Tim: Turning the inside out: Keynote at Australian Society of Archivists Annual Conference 2016

Tim Sherratt

Turning the inside out: Keynote presented at the Australian Society of Archivists Annual Conference, Parramatta, 2016

A detailed examination, using a case study, of ‘the workings of legislation, archival practice and technology’.

In this talk, I want to explore the entanglements of access and surveillance, focusing on the bureaucratic remnants of the White Australia Policy and the narrow archival window we have on the past workings of ASIO. In particular, I want to play around with digital technologies to see if we can turn the archives inside out — to reverse the gaze of state surveillance to focus on the practices though which it was maintained, recorded and revealed. I want to understand access as a struggle, not a gift. (abstract)

Also here.

21 December 2016

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