Season’s greetings to all from Honest History

Festive greetings seem a mite incongruous in light of recent events in Berlin and Ankara and Aleppo (and in many less well reported locations) but we will pass them on anyway in the hope that they may add to the amount of sweetness and light that should be around at this time of year. We also offer this recognition of recent events. And this for good measure.

We wish all readers, followers and fellow-travellers the very best for Christmas, Hanukkah, Hogmanay, Mohammed’s birthday, New Year, Omisoka, Orthodox Christmas, The Falls Festivals (all four of them), Xmas, Yule and any other celebratory occasions falling due.

We will be adding new material to the Honest History site during the rest of December and January but not as frequently as usual. We will still Tweet (though our Twistory elf is taking a break – those who follow us on Twitter will know what Twistory is) and occasionally post on Facebook. (Links to our Twitter and Facebook presences can be found on our home page.)


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21 December 2016