Schultz, Julianne & Jerath Head, ed.: Griffith Review 56: Millennials Strike Back

Julianne Schultz & Jerath Head, ed.

Griffith Review 56: Millennials Strike Back, April 2017

Millennials, those born in the final decades of the twentieth century, have had bad press for a long time. Now they are fighting back as they come of age in a world radically changed from that experienced by previous generations … The challenges this generation now face are great – political uncertainty, climate change, globalisation and economic stagnation have changed the rules of the game. This is the best educated, most connected generation ever, but the world they live in does not offer easy pathways – inequality is rife and traditional doors are closed. Some millennials are detached and disillusioned, but others are coming up with innovative ideas, experimenting with new ways to live and work. Their vision and energy will shape the future. (blurb)

Authors include Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Timmah Ball, Michelle Law, Jack Manning Barcroft, Fiona Wright, Ashley Kalagian Blunt, David Fettling and many others.

The issue is reviewed for Honest History by Emily Gallagher. Some essays were reprinted in The Conversation. There is a Wheeler Centre panel discussion. ABC discussion with Tom Switzer.

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