Schultz, Julianne et al.: Travelling a small world

Schultz, Julianne, et al.

Small world‘, Griffith Review 37, Spring 2012

A selection of articles exploring Australians as travellers. In ‘Footloose, fancy-free’, Schultz notes that ‘Australians are travelling more than ever, but whether this has fostered a sense of well being, cosmopolitanism and openness remains a question’. The other articles explore aspects of this conundrum and reveal something about our nature generally as well as our penchant for travel.

Travelling in Vietnam as a journalist with Australian tourists, Mark Dapin found that not all returning veterans were making an apology, or even reliving a trauma. Some come back because they had enjoyed their posting to the country. Dapin had not anticipated this less heard, but harder to tell story. Pat Hoffie knew that Australians were a nation of travellers – particularly now to Asia because it is cost effective – but finds that our fixation on Bali has revealed sometimes surprising and confronting aspects of who we are as Australians. Finally, Sam Vincent, travelling in Japan, concludes that the prevailing Australian view of our universal popularity may be naïve when in fact the Australian nationality is becoming synonymous with bullying. The edition includes related articles.


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