Recently on the Honest History site (7 February 2017)

Since our last newsletter in December, the Honest History team has been heavily invested in The Honest History Book but we have still found time to update the website regularly with links to useful resources, as well as the occasional commissioned piece. Our Top recent posts section includes posts going back to the start of the year and items earlier than that can be found under Themes and Resources, with the most recent material at the top. For help on finding your way around, go here.

Under the ‘Top recent posts’ thumbnail, look for:

  • lots of non-MSM material on Australian foreign policy options in the Trumposphere;
  • Professor Harry Frankfurt on the philosophy of bullshit and how bullshit is not the same as lying – although bullshitters frequently lie and liars often spout bullshit;
  • Humphrey McQueen and others on Australia Day, Monica Tan in Guardian Australia about how patriotism should not just be a right-wing thing, and an article about the future of koalas;
  • new Honest History president, Frank Bongiorno, on Mark McKenna on Australian stories from the edge;
  • Peter Rushbrook on a forgotten military tragedy from 1945; and
  • items from The Conversation on cattle, citizenship, climate, floods, foreign aid, wheat, women’s football, and the study of history.

7 February 2017