Parker, Linda: shellshocked prophets

Parker, Linda

Shellshocked Prophets: Former Anglican Army Chaplains in Inter-War Britain, Helion (Wolverhampton Military Studies), Solihull, UK, 2015

The Anglican chaplains who served in the Great War were changed by their experience of total war. They returned determined to revitalize the Anglican Church in Britain and to create a society which would be a living memorial to the men who had died .,. This book argues that in the inter-war years the impact of former chaplains was enhanced by their experiences in an unprecedented global conflict, which gave their actions and opinions more moral authority than would otherwise been the case. This question of the impact of former chaplains is considered in the context of debates about the effect that the war had on British society as a whole and on the Church of England In particular. (blurb)

The book is reviewed for Honest History by John A. Moses.

Linda Parker is a retired teacher who gained her MA from the University of Wales in 1998 and then her PhD at the University of Birmingham. The PhD became Shellshocked Prophets. She has published several biographical pieces on Anglican army chaplains in the First World War and is the author of The Whole Armour of God: Anglican Army Chaplains in the Great War (2009).

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