Ozakinci, Cengiz: 25 April 1985: Arıburnu, “Anzac Cove”, the Mehmets and the Johnnies

Özakıncı, Cengiz

25 April 1985: Arıburnu, “Anzac Cove”, the Mehmets and the Johnnies’, Butun Dunya (Ankara), April 2016 (English translation)

This article looks from the Turkish perspective at how Arıburnu became Anzac Cove, as part of a Turkish-Australian deal in 1984-85. (Anzac Cove as an informal name dates back to 1915 but not for most Turks.) It overlaps with other material on the Honest History site on the 1984-85 events based on National Capital Development Commission files and looking at Turkish attempts to revise the translation of the ‘Atatürk words’ commencing ‘Those heroes …’. Özakıncı makes the concluding point that ‘giving the territory saved by an invaded country – losing hundreds of thousands of people – the name of those who invaded it is uncommon around the world’.

Translated by Honest History’s associate, Dr Burçin Çakır. The Turkish version is here.

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