Opinion piece in Sydney Morning Herald: Stokes’ Seven West Media has fallen into a dark hollow

We haven’t tried to keep up with the fag end of the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial, apart from noting that there will be an appeal. There’s an online file where you can keep track of it.

We couldn’t help noticing, however, this searing opinion piece in the SMH after Seven West Media had paid a motzer to stop disclosure of 8600 emails relating to the Roberts-Smith case. Suppression of the emails is, according to the SMH ‘a shame because the email exchanges may have helped Australia understand how a national hero [BRS] turned For Valour into dust and how his boss [Kerry Stokes] preferred being an apologist for a criminal rather than recognising the value in public interest journalism’.

The piece is full of ripe descriptions of the Seven Network and its owner for the roles they corporately and individually played in this drama. Worth a read – or even a listen (4 minutes of audio).

David Stephens

17 December 2023

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