Open letter to Prime Minister opposing $498m War Memorial redevelopment: reply (signed by Director, War Memorial) received

Heritage Guardians organised this letter with over 70 signatures to the PM. A reply has come in, signed by the Director of the Memorial, and a copy is attached. You can make it bigger by zooming.

Update 22 November 2020: upon reflection, Heritage Guardians found some concerning aspects to the reply, and a further letter went to the PM.

The reply overstates the extent of change to the project as a result of the consultation but asks everyone to accept that the process has been done properly [!]. On the good side, it thanks people like the letter signatories for their passion and gives the views of the Australian Heritage Council more prominence in relative terms than the Director did in his recent appearance at Estimates.

The letter does not persist in the previous exaggerated claims about the degree of public support for the project and it looks forward to continued engagement. There is an error in the name of the Public Works Committee.

Earlier material in Heritage Guardians campaign, including: recent extension of time within which Minister has to make decision under EPBC Act; attempt by Chairman Stokes of War Memorial Council to get Prime Minister to ensure PWC inquiry gets a new chairperson – and a move on.

David Stephens for Heritage Guardians

14 November 2020


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