Newton, Douglas: “Whose side are you on?”

Newton, Douglas

“Whose side are you on?”Honest History, 27 June 2015

To cast doubt on the patriotism of those who do not participate in a hate-the-enemy auction has a long and ignoble history. Those who defend civil liberties, those who wish to hear all points of view, and especially those who have principled objections to war, have always been baited. The jingoes pounce; the doubter is accused of giving comfort to the enemy. The unbeliever is denounced as a traitor.

The author looks particularly at examples from the Boer War and the Great War.

Douglas Newton is the author of Hell-Bent: Australia’s Leap into the Great War and The Darkest Days: the Truth behind Britain’s Rush to War 1914. He is one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters. Read more …

Some of the issues touched on by Newton are addressed in their modern version by the ABC’s Media Watch and the commenters thereon. This piece is also relevant.


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