More from Pearls and Irritations on saying ‘No’ to the United States

This is our second post recently on this topic. (The first was here.) We have made a point of linking to the Pearls and Irritations blog because, unlike much of the mainstream media, it is trying to probe the implications of the impending change of leadership in the United States and its flow-on effects. This time, there is James O’Neill on delusions in Australian foreign policy, John Menadue on a precedent for saying ‘No’, Alison Broinowski on Syria and Iraq, Richard Broinowski on another precedent, Mack Williams on the implications of the US presence in Darwin, Ross Burns on Aleppo and after, and Joanne Willis on Australia in the Pacific.

John Menadue and Alison Broinowski are distinguished supporters of Honest History. Alison Broinowski is Honest History’s vice president as well as co-editor of The Honest History Book (forthcoming April 2017 from NewSouth) and author of a chapter in it entitled ‘Australia’s tug of war: Militarism versus Independence’.

20 December 2016

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