‘[M]easured and analytical essays’: Sarah Burnside on Overland reviews The Honest History Book

Overland has posted a review note of The Honest History Book. Author Sarah Burnside of Perth says:

I picked up The Honest History Book during the first wave of concerted right-wing attacks on Yassmin Abdel-Magied* for her seven-word facebook post on Anzac Day, and its measured and analytical essays came as a welcome relief … The essays are strong throughout, each standing alone comfortably as well as contributing to the book’s themes.

Honest History FINAL frontHere are the earlier complimentary remarks on the book. The book was published in April and is still selling well (second printing). It can be purchased at most bookshops. Other praise for the book:

‘[E]xtremely confrontational’ (Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews)

‘[A] passionate argument for a wider Australian history’ (Bernard Whimpress, Newtown Review of Books)

‘A long overdue reassessment.’ (Steven Carroll, Fairfax)

‘[A] book of singular importance.’ (Richard Butler, Pearls and Irritations)

‘[A] challenging, engaging, at times fist pumpingly “you have nailed what is so wrong with Australian politics and history” sort of book.’ (Catie Gilchrist, Dictionary of Sydney).

16 August 2017

* Honest History has a collection of resources on ‘Yassmin-gate’.