McQueen, Humphrey: ‘A material triumph and an aesthetic calamity’: the work of Australian architect Robin Boyd’

McQueen, Humphrey

“A material triumph and an aesthetic calamity”: the work of Australian architect Robin Boyd’, Honest History, 11 October 2016

Humphrey McQueen wrote this article in 2002 on the 50th anniversary of the publication in 1952 of Robin Boyd’s pioneering book, Australia’s Home. The article looks at Boyd’s work in turning a sharp focus onto Australian architecture, design and ways of living.

Other Honest History material on Australian architecture: national architecture awards 2014; a piece on the recent history of Australian architectural practices; a miscellany on living in our cities and suburbs (lots of links); Geoffrey Serle’s From Deserts the Prophets Come, a history of the arts in Australia.

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This article originally appeared on Humphrey McQueen’s Surplus Value website. As with Humphrey’s previous contributions to Honest History (use our Search engine to find them) we thank him for his generosity in making this material available.

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