Marlow, Karina & Luke Pearson: 8 war heroes you didn’t learn about in school

Karina Marlow & Luke Pearson

8 war heroes you didn’t learn about in school‘, SBS, 21 February 2017

This NITV repost from 22 April 2016 presents, without editorial comment, brief biographies of Pemulwuy, Musquito, Windradyne, Yagan, Jandamarra, Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, and Tarenorerer (Walyer). The date of the original posting is significant. There is more on some of these warriors under our thumbnail, ‘Our First Peoples’, which bears the same picture of Windradyne as in the article and includes a photograph of Jandamarra’s Bunuba Country.

The Honest History Book, coming in April, includes chapters by Larissa Behrendt on how the story we tell ourselves has still not dealt with the 1788 invasion moment and its consequences for Indigenous Australians, and Paul Daley on why frontier conflict has been glossed over in our mostly Anglo-Celtic presentation of history.


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