Markus, Andrew: Scanlon Foundation Social Cohesion Survey 2016

Andrew Markus

Migrants from Africa bear brunt of discrimination but remain positive, survey finds‘, The Conversation, 24 August 2016 updated

Update 29 November 2017: the findings of the 2017 survey. Comment in Guardian Australia by David Marr.

Summarises the findings of the latest Scanlon Foundation survey, Australians Today. Earlier annual surveys are for 2015 and 2007-14. This latest survey, conducted in 2015, looked at issues including economic fortunes, life satisfaction, trust in institutions like the police force and the Commonwealth parliament, and experience of discrimination.

The main findings of the survey (online 10 000 respondents plus focus groups) were:

  • only six per cent of new arrivals from overseas were dissatisfied or strongly dissatisfied;
  • the proportion of various groups experiencing discrimination ranged from 59 per cent for Indigenous Australians to 77 per cent for people from South Sudan;
  • despite the discrimination against them, 76 per cent of people from South Sudan are satisfied with life in Australia;
  • there was a high level of negativity towards Muslims, particularly Muslim women;
  • New Zealanders reported a relatively high level of discrimination.

Other commentary on the ABC (including ministerial comment) and in Fairfax. News.


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