Landers, Rachel: Who bombed the Hilton?

Landers, Rachel

Who Bombed the Hilton? NewSouth, Sydney, 2016

On 13 February 1978 a bomb exploded outside the Hilton Hotel in George Street, Sydney. Two garbage collectors and a police officer were killed. Often called the first act of terrorist murder on Australian soil, the crime is still unsolved. Award-winning filmmaker and historian Rachel Landers wrestles with the evidence to unravel this complex cold case in forensic detail, exposing corruption, conspiracy theories and political intrigue – and a prime suspect. (blurb)

As we struggle with terrorism, and with the danger of damaging our democracy by our measures to counter it, we do well to remember this story of “the one who got away”.’ (Anna Funder)

Reviewed for Honest History by Alison Broinowski, who has also written about the incident for Honest History. There’s also this piece by Damien and Rowan Cahill on what happened next. The book was also reviewed in The Australian, and talked about on Channel 7. It was discussed on the NewSouth website by the author and talked about on Radio National. It won the 2016 Nib Waverley Library award

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