Keating, PJ: After Words: The Post-Prime Ministerial Speeches

PJ Keating

After Words: The Post-Prime Ministerial Speeches, Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 2011

Notable for the former Prime Minister’s distinction, following George Orwell, between nationalism and patriotism. He prefers the latter, which is ‘belief in a particular place and its history’. (p. 25) He argues that Kokoda 1942 was about patriotism while Gallipoli was about nationalism (defined as ‘a notion arising from the myth of a people’). ‘The nationalism surrounding the First World War and Gallipoli in particular has fuelled the Australian conservative story for nine decades … Nationalism is, I believe, a dangerous and divisive tendency; its stock in trade is jingoism, populism and exclusion of the most calculating kind.’ (p. 27)

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