Gartrell, Adam: Rudd, Keating ‘at war’ over Gallipoli

Adam Gartrell

Rudd, Keating “at war” over Gallipoli‘, Sydney Morning Herald, 31 October 2008

The former Prime Minister, Paul Keating, had said it was ‘utter and complete nonsense’  that Australia was redeemed or born again at Gallipoli in 1915, that he had never been to Gallipoli and those who did were misguided. The then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, responded that Keating was ‘completely wrong on that, completely and utterly, absolutely 100 per cent wrong’ and that  Gallipoli was ‘part of our national consciousness. It’s part of our national psyche, it is part of our national identity …  I, for one, as prime minister of the country, am absolutely proud of it.’ Keating riposte.

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