Important First Australians material on election eve

Honest History tries to keep up with links, both brief and wordy, relevant to First Australians, with particular reference to dispossession, invasion and policy backtracks, cover-ups and Closing the Gap. (Perhaps the last could be dubbed ‘Polyfilla Policy’.) We put these links and succinct comment under our thumbnail ‘Our First Peoples‘.

Occasionally, people draw interesting material to our attention and we wish they would do so more often. We are very much aware that the thumbnail items are very much a whitefeller’s view of what seems to be important (and easily accessible) in the field. On the other hand, we let out a heartfelt ‘right on!’ when we read the editorial by Jonathan Green (another whitefeller) in the latest Meanjin. Jonathan referred to ‘the relationship between possessors and dispossessed that is the foundation issue of the long Australian cultural conflict’. Yep.

In this week before the election, we found these:

27 June 2016

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