Honest History list: resources on Malcolm Fraser

Australia’s 22nd prime minister, John Malcolm Fraser, has died at the age of 84. Robert Manne interviewed Fraser last year. Honest History committee member, Alison Broinowski, reviewed his book Dangerous Allies (other resources at this link also). Another review by Alison Broinowski. Reviews of his memoirs (a book written with Margaret Simons) are here.

Wikipedia entry has plenty of references. National Archives link to Fraser material. National Museum of Australia resources. Interview in 1994. Final tweets. MOADOPH summary. About the Malcolm Fraser collection of papers at the University of Melbourne. National Film and Sound Archive. Images at National Library. John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Election speech 1980. Speeches and statements from PM Transcripts.

Interview with Fraser about Assange, Wikileaks etc. Twitter hashtag RIPFraser. Collection in The Australian (odd headline). PM Abbott. Summary of other PMs’ views. Similar. Similar. Paul Bongiorno in The New Daily. Laurie Oakes. Guardian rolling coverage. Tony Wright in Fairfax. First Dog. Fraser on Triggs in The Saturday Paper recently. The Drum list of achievements. Life and legacy from various commentators in The Conversation plus links to other articles. John Menadue talks about 1975. Video. Robert Manne on Fraser and race. Julian Burnside on Fraser and human rights. John Menadue on Fraser and human rights. Lenore Taylor on how prime ministers Fraser and Abbott handle policy. Phillip Adams interview 2001. New Matilda: Ben Eltham; Thom Mitchell; Max Chalmers (quotes on race and immigration).

Larissa Behrendt on Fraser and Indigenous issues. New York Times. London Telegraph. BBC. The Hindu. Grace from Malcolm Turnbull. Bile from Quadrant Online. Care Australia. Tom Switzer on Fraser and foreign policy. Liberal Party. Phillip Ruddock. The Conversation: Fraser and environment; Fraser and media diversity; Barry Jones on Fraser. Klaus Neumann on the 1977 election and immigration issues. Margaret Simons on working with Fraser on his memoirs. Long extract from Fraser memoirs about his time at Oxford. Phillip Adams. Condolences at MOADOPH. Guy Rundle in Crikey. SBS Vietnamese. Mungo McCallum. Condolences (Reps), (Senate). World Socialist Web Site. Piping Shrike. Fraser wanted a new party. New party in more detail.

27 March 2015

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