Broinowski, Alison: Fascism and Fraser

Broinowski, Alison

‘Silent conspirators: Fascism and Fraser’, Honest History, 22 May 2014 and updated

All fascist regimes and organisations have used the power of nationalism and national security as a motivator, as Australia has increasingly done. But no other country I can think of has so actively used this power to support another nation’s militarism and to suppress perception, comment and understanding of events affecting our own foreign and defence policies.

Alison Broinowski says Australians are not practiced at debating foreign and defence policy. On the government side, the more secretive is decision-making in these areas, the greater the risk of ‘fascistic tendencies’ developing. 308 fascism and fraser

Australian governments have avoided public consultation about the commitment of force and now the arguments of former prime minister, Malcolm Fraser, in his new book, Dangerous Allies, are having difficulty gaining traction. Fraser argues against continuing with the American alliance. Fraser has summarised his arguments and spoken on radio. See also his interview with Robert Manne. Alison and Richard Broinowski on issues raised by Iraq unrest 2014. An article in September from Strobe Driver on relations with China. John Pilger touches on related issues in a 2015 article.

Alison Broinowski reviewed the Fraser book for Australian Book Review also.

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