Honest History E-newsletter No. 54, 26 October 2018

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Honest History symposium, ANU, Canberra, 8 November

Need to get a ticket soon (just $12.31) to be sure of a place. Booking and program.

‘Presenting, choosing, measuring, changing history’. With Frank Bongiorno, Michael Brissenden, Alison Broinowski, Pamela Burton, Michael Cooney, Shaun Crowe, Paul Daley, Emily Gallagher, Tjanara Goreng Goreng, Carolyn Holbrook, Benjamin T. Jones, Ann McGrath, Michael Piggott, David Stephens, Sue Wareham, Clare Wright, in discussion.

New and recently on the Honest History website

Did the War Memorial deliberately mislead the Parliament about the money it gets from arms companies – or is it just careless about accountability? David Stephens looks for answers about a Question on Notice

Recently on Honest History: October has been book review month at Honest History, with reviews of Fernandes on foreign policy, Phelps on World War II New Guinea, Lydon & Ryan et al on Myall Creek, Wakeling on war crimes trials, Morrissey on Ned Kelly’s world, Cochrane on the Great War for White Australia, Wright on women’s suffrage, Raffin on Australian mutinies 1918, and Taylor on Asian flashpoints today

Our final Whizzbang

Whizzbangs in World War I were small calibre, high velocity shells that exploded very soon after they were heard coming. We have been collecting them since our website began. Here is the final one.

‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people meet at Uluru and despite the diversity of opinion, the frustration, the old human enmities, they thrash out a statement so modest, so considerate of reality that many Indigenous people are appalled that something so vague and general can be the product of such long consideration. And Prime Minister Turnbull dismisses it out of hand as being too ambitious.’ (Bruce Pascoe, Meanjin, Spring 2018)