Hamilton, Clive: What do we want? Charting the rise and fall of protest in Australia

Hamilton, Clive

What do we want? Charting the rise and fall of protest in Australia‘, The Conversation, 17 November 2016 updated

Discusses the author’s new book, What Do We Want? The Story of Protest in Australia, just published. Traces the story from the ‘glory days’ of protest in the 1960s and 1970s, when protests were seen as a threat to the established order, to now, when they are smaller but more commonplace. Looks at story of, and the linkages between, New Left protest, Old Left movements around the trade unions, feminism, gay liberation, Green Bans, Tasmanian forest protests, and so on.

The book has been reviewed in Fairfax (brief note by Elizabeth Farrelly), ANZ LitLovers (again briefly by Lisa Hill). The author talked about the book in Fifth Estate and with Fran Kelly on the ABC. The author writes in Guardian Australia following the glue protest at Parliament House.

Also on the Honest History site, see links to a piece by Barry York on anti-apartheid protest and by Mick Armstrong on campus radicalisation in the 1960s and 1970s (links to some other material). There may be bits and pieces also in our collection about Australia’s Vietnam.

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