Garton, Stephen: Costs of war

Garton, Stephen

The Cost of War: Australians Return, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1996

The achievements of Australian servicemen and women have played a central role in shaping Australia’s national identity. But while we rightly commemorate the sacrifices of Australians in war, we have ignored those who returned to Australia and their struggles to reintegrate into Australian society. The Cost of War: Australians Return focuses on the Anzacs who returned to Australia from the First World War, the Second World War, and Vietnam. It examines the effects of combat, the emotional and physical scars borne by returned men and women, the impact of return on families and friends, the repatriation system that sought to alleviate the effects of return, and the efforts of Australians to understand the bodily, psychological, and cultural wounds of war. Although the book presents a darker side of the Anzac experience, it is also an appreciation of how Australians have turned something so painful into a political mythology of enduring significance. (blurb)

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