Five recent pieces of direct relevance to Australia – and the rest of the world

We at Honest History have been working hard to get the corrected proofs of The Honest History Book off to the publisher. We have also been trying, however, to keep up with world events because, even more than is normally the case, they are likely to have an effect on Australia.

This is our small contribution to the future of evidence-based history, at a time when evidence-based action has been a little lacking around the world. From the flood of material we have picked out just these five recent pieces – we do not claim they are the last word:

Robert Manne is one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters. Our earlier material on the impact of the Trump election on Australia is here. Our collection on the currently relevant concept of bullshit has been very popular and is here. There is also some commentary on Secretary Tillerson, Richard Butler (Honest History distinguished supporter) on the Pearls and Irritations blog (run by John Menadue, Honest History distinguished supporter) on whether Trump is a sideshow compared with his supporting cast, and Ian McAuley, also in Pearls and Irritations, on Brexit, Trump and the Lucky Country.

30 January 2017 updated

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