Evershed, Nick & Michael Safi: timeline of national security changes since 2001

Evershed, Nick & Michael Safi

All of Australia’s national security changes since 9/11 in a timeline‘, Guardian Australia, 19 October 2015 (updated)

In case you haven’t been keeping up surveillance on recent history, here is a useful guide to 2002-15, from the introduction of terrorism offences in May 2002 to a proposed offence of incitement to genocide, mooted just last week. There are 49 events in all, there is a bit of information about each one and you can filter the list by categories such as ‘police powers’ though not, as far as we can see, by the categories ‘scary’, ‘really scary’ and ‘really, really scary’, let alone ‘inevitable’ or ‘sad, but necessary’.

Mark Rix, writing in 2008 and using Australian examples, considers the threats to human rights from state over-reach in the national security field. We also have a collection of resources here, hanging off a book review by Jeff Sparrow. John Menadue’s recent piece on the difference between radicalism and terrorism is also relevant. Jessie Blackbourn in Inside Story on the latest proposed laws

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