Dunbar, Raden: Jeune Barbarine: sexual slavery and prostitution in Egypt circa 1914

Dunbar, Raden

Jeune Barbarine“: sexual slavery and prostitution in Egypt circa 1914‘, Honest History, 9 June 2015

The author of The Secrets of the Anzacs tells of the human costs – and, for the entrepreneurs, the benefits – of prostitution in Egypt up to and during the time when Australian soldiers were posted there from late 1914. The author explained that parts of his original manuscript ‘had to be left out, to make it more suitable for general readers. Some of the parts that had to be omitted provided more details of the human trafficking, prostitution, and venereal diseases in Egypt a century ago.’

The photograph ‘Jeune Barbarine’ (‘young Berber woman’), made in Alexandria before the war, was considered for the cover of the book but had to be omitted for technical reasons. There was to be an explanatory appendix and a version of that now appears in the accompanying post.

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