Moorehead, Alan: Gallipoli

Moorehead, Alan

Gallipoli, Harper Collins, New York, 2002 and many other editions

First published nearly 60 years ago, this classic is still in print. It is recalled by Ann Moyal for Honest History. Moorehead’s daughter (and writer) Caroline reminiscences in 2012, with a number of photographs, including one of Moorehead having lunch with Ernest Hemingway in Cuba in 1956. Moorehead was well-known internationally and had an obituary in the New York Times. More on Moorehead from Thornton McCamish, 2016 (from his book), and a review of McCamish from one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters, Robert Manne. McCamish reviewed by Richard Trembath in The Conversation and by Ann Moyal in Fairfax and talks on Late Night Live with Phillip Adams. Another review by Evan Williams on Inside Story.

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