Diamadis, Panoyiotis: Friendships are based on truths: looking again at the crime of crimes (Hellenic genocides 1914-22)

Diamadis, Panayiotis

‘Friendships are based on truths: looking again at the crime of crimes’, Honest History, 30 August 2016

Analysis of recent press articles on the genocides of the indigenous Hellenes, Armenians and Assyrians of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Two of these articles advocate for media and political recognition of the genocides,while the third insists that to do this would ‘threaten friendship’. The author looks at aspects of the history of the genocides, including Australian links, and concludes:

It is no more ‘openly divisive’ or ‘creating animosity’ for friends to speak these and other truths in 2016 than it was for the Australian media to inform its readers early in World War I that a systematic exterminatory policy had been implemented by the Turkish state against its indigenous Christian populations.

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Dr Diamadis’ previous articles on the Honest History site cover the Hellenic history of the Gallipoli areathe ‘Battle of Broken Hill’ 1914 and Islamic State, and the war memorials of Rockdale. For more on the Honest History site to do with the genocides, search under ‘Armenian’ and ‘genocide’.


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