Diamadis, Panayiotis: Gallipoli before and beyond Anzac

Diamadis, Panayiotis

‘Gallipoli before and beyond Anzac’, Honest History, 22 May 2014

311 Gallipoli Before and Beyond Anzac Parts I-II

This article originally appeared in To Vema, September-October 2013. To Vema is Australia’s largest circulation bilingual Hellenic-English newspaper. The article was also reprinted in academia.edu. It is reprinted here again to mark the first anniversary of the resolutions of the New South Wales Parliament recognising the genocides of Ottoman Christian, including Armenian, minorities in the years 1914-23 and the hundredth anniversary of the commencement of the genocides.

Studies by scholars such as Peter Stanley, John Williams, Vicken Babkenian and others [Diamadis says] are demonstrating that the genocides of the Hellenes, Armenians and Assyrians are as much part of Australian history as the landings at Anzac Cove. The challenge now is for educators – of all levels and across subject areas – to integrate this into teaching programs.

Courtesy of Terry Stavridis, a copy of advice, August 1915, from Henry Morgenthau, Sr, US Ambassador at Constantinople, to US Department of State, including descriptions from the Greek Patriarchate of the removal of Greeks from the Gallipoli area. Greeks of Gallipoli 1915

A related piece is by Simon Tatz. There is background in the New York Times, AL-Monitor, History, and in the summary of proceedings of a 2013 conference in Chicago. Alan Whitehorn writes about the failure by historians to link consideration of the Gallipoli campaign with that of the genocides.

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