Clark, Anna & Paul Ashton, ed.: Australian History Now

Clark, Anna & Paul Ashton, ed.

Australian History Now, New South, Sydney, 2013; electronic version available

The authors in this anthology include the editors and Alan Atkinson, Tony Birch, Leigh Boucher, Ann Curthoys, Graeme Davison, Tom Griffiths, Paul Kiem, Marilyn Lake, Stuart Macintyre, Peter Read, Martha Sear, Peter Stanley, Mathew Trinca and Clare Wright, a good collection of Australian historians across a generation or two. The topics covered include rethinking Australian history, Aboriginal history, labour history and radical nationalism, feminism, oral history, war history, history in the academy, history goes to school, history in museums, history wars, public history, heritage, history in communities, history on TV, the trouble with history, environmental history, transnational history and cultural history. A review by Honest History’s Michael Piggott is here and another is here.

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