Christmas and (late) Hanukkah greetings from Honest History and Heritage Guardians

Honest History’s elves are taking it easy for the next six weeks or so due to Christmas, New Year and a couple of time-consuming house moves. We will be posting only if something important drops and needs a word from us.

So, all the best for Christmas, apologies for being late to mention Hanukkah (which came early this year), and everybody stay safe.

And, if the mood takes, there’s lots of holiday reading on the Honest History website. We have over 3500 posts put there over the last almost eight years, covering the range of Australian history, society and politics.

And, if you have an inkling that we are in for a ‘khaki election’, there are some strong antidotes to that eventuality, particularly among the more than 1000 items tagged ‘Australia’s war history’ and the more than 600 tagged ‘Anzac analysed’. Or use our Search engine. Australia is more than Anzac (both in the past and in any notional future, when the drums of war roll and the shades of dead Diggers are invoked) and always has been.

David Stephens

Editor, Honest History website and convener of the Heritage Guardians group

12 December 2021 update


An Honest History elf gazing, slightly uncertainly, towards 2022

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2 comments on “Christmas and (late) Hanukkah greetings from Honest History and Heritage Guardians
  1. Leighton View says:

    Oh, and happy Festivus

  2. Leighton View says:

    Very much the same to you, David. Thanks for all the effort during 2021.

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