Change and continuity at Honest History

‘Change and continuity at Honest History’, Honest History, 13 October 2015

There are some changes under way at Honest History, leading up to the second anniversary of our website early in November. But there is continuity as well.

Let us know what you think about what we are doing. There is a comment facility below or a ‘contact the editor’ gizmo at the foot of each page of the site.


First, we are making our periodical e-newsletter shorter but better organised and more clearly linked to new material on the website. If you are not yet signed up to the newsletter you can do this from the links at ‘Keep in touch’ on our homepage. You can also sign up to other feeds of Honest History material. We try to post something new most days of the week.

Secondly, if you have not caught up with us on Twitter and Facebook please consider doing so. We are putting more effort into social media and a couple of other new initiatives. We are also extending our daily search for links to interesting material, particularly from the non-mainstream media. Our staples to date have included Australian Independent Media Network, Independent Australia, Inside Story, New Daily, New Matilda, Pearls and Irritations, The Conversation, and World Socialist Web Site, but we would like to look further afield. Give us some tips; we mostly look for items which link current events to a historical angle.

Thirdly, the look of our Honest History homepage is changing to make it easier to read and even more compatible with small screen devices. We will have less text on the homepage but more thumbnails, including one on ‘Inequality’, a subject where recent Australian trends jar with our egalitarian tradition. Watch for our new look early in November.

LaunchPaul Daley, journalist, author and guest speaker (left) and Peter Stanley, Honest History president, at Honest History website launch, Manning Clark House, Canberra, 7 November 2013 (David Stephens)


Some things don’t change, however: Honest History still needs money, not much, but more than we have at present. Your modest donation will help us to promote the site and do other work in the Honest History cause.

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