Butlin, NG, et al: Government and Capitalism

NG Butlin, A Barnard & JJ Pincus

Government and Capitalism: Public and Private Choice in Twentieth Century Australia, Allen & Unwin, North Sydney, 1982

Traces Australian economic and social history up to the 1970s in chapters addressing the ‘decline of colonial socialism’ from 1901 to 1975, ‘managing diversified recovery’ (1901-14), ‘protection all round’ (1914-39) and ‘all the restrictive practices known to man’ (1945-75). Social policy is dealt with as ‘the poor and the needy’ (1901-14), ‘the heroes and the hungry’ (1919-39) and ‘welfare for all’ (1940-75) and there are three chapters on the history of public enterprises.

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