Borchardt, DH, ed.: Australians: A Guide to Sources

DH Borchardt, ed.

Australians: A Guide to Sources, Fairfax, Syme & Weldon Associates, Broadway, NSW, 1987

One of the volumes in Australians: A Historical Library (other volumes have separate posts on the Honest History site). Dozens of contributors provide brief bibliographies and notes under ten main headings, including environment, Aborigines, general history, European discovery and colonisation, politics, the economy, society, and culture. There are 46 short chapters, displaying the strands of Australian history in all their profusion. ‘The people at war’ gets five pages out of 400. If bibliographical repositories can be said to stand on the shoulders of giants the Honest History website stands four-square on this volume. It is unfortunate that it has not been replicated in the 26 years since it was first published.

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