Brown, AJ: Reforming the Federation requires strong bipartisan support

Brown, AJ

To really reform the federation, you must build strong bipartisan support‘, The Conversation, 26 April 2016

Includes results of a survey of politicians, state and federal. The survey found an issue that stood out.

But where the most recent COAG meeting ended up, and the next phase of the Turnbull and/or Bill Shorten reform process needs to go, is in making the system clearer and more sustainable by redistributing federally collected funds in a more fixed, guaranteed, accountable way.

This is the principle with the most consistent support across all types of parliaments and parties. It may not be the reform that everyone sees as most important, but it provides the strong common ground which is vital in making other reforms possible.

One in the Ideas for Australia series. Another on federalism looks at some overseas models.


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