Brayley, Annabelle: Our Vietnam Nurses

Brayley, Annabelle

Our Vietnam Nurses, Penguin, Sydney, 2016

When Australia joined the Vietnam War, civilian and military nurses were there to save lives and comfort the wounded. With spirit and good humour, they worked hard and held strong, even though most of them were completely unprepared for the war before they landed in the middle of it. Working incredibly long hours and surrounded by chaos and turmoil, these brave nurses and medics were integral to our war effort. These fifteen stories show a side to the Vietnam War that has received little recognition but played an important part in shaping Australia’s presence in the war. (blurb)

Pamela Burton reviews the book for Honest History. Richard Fidler talks to Annabelle Brayley on the ABC. General material on Australian women, including nurses, at war.

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