Bongiorno, Frank: lessons from history on election campaigning

Bongiorno, Frank

Lessons from history in how to run a good election campaign – or how to avoid a really bad one‘, The Conversation, 9 May 2016

Don’t make yourself a big target, don’t write a (policy) book – or at least know what’s in it, encourage voters to be relaxed and comfortable … but, this time around, 2016, maybe there will be some policy debate. The author looks at lessons of the 1990s, especially the 1993 ‘birthday cake’ campaign, and the 1980s, where the long 1984 campaign drifted into ennui (but the prime minister was also understandably distracted for personal reasons), plus ‘Joh for PM’ and ‘Handshakegate’. Old hat to the middle-aged (but worth revisiting) but will be of great interest to Generation Y.

Kate Burridge and Howard Manns in The Conversation on the history of electoral terms including some, like ‘donkey vote’, of Australian origin. Frank Bongiorno is one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters.


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