Bible House, Constantinople: The Orient, 5 May 1915

Bible House, Constantinople

The Orient, 5 May 2015

This is the complete edition for the date shown of an English language weekly newsletter published by the American missionaries in Constantinople. The issues from 1915 provide great insight from the ‘other side’ as news filters through of the fighting in the Dardanelles.

The newsletter for 5 May includes English translations of government dispatches from the Dardanelles, dated 27 April to 2 May. They mention Turkish success in repulsing enemy attacks, along with the sinking of ‘[t]he English submarine, “Australia”, AD2’ and the capture of its crew. (This is a reference to the sinking of the AE2 under Lieutenant Commander Stoker.) There is also a translation of an editorial from Tanin, which refers to Turkish soldiers hurling themselves at the enemy with great heroism.

In other news, the inhabitants of Konia have presented Field-Marshal von Hindenburg with the gift of a rug and there is a shortage of Bibles and Bible commentaries in Turkey. Meanwhile, there are 18 Jewish schools in Constantinople.

Thanks to Vicken Babkenian for this material. The edition of 28 April 1915 is here. More soon.

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