Barlow, Karen: Veterans Minister Matt Keogh ‘closely’ watching $550 War Memorial revamp

Karen Barlow

Veterans Minister Matt Keogh “closely” watching $550 War Memorial revamp‘, Canberra Times, 11 July 2022 (pdf from our subscription)

Follows up previous Canberra Times story about $50m blowout in cost of War Memorial project. New, though, are the remarks from the Minister about his close surveillance of the project, while he notes the points about increased costs being a general phenomenon. Justificatory words from Director Anderson pretty much as before.

Ms Barlow has gone into much of the background, including that found on the Honest History website, notably the story of the ‘personal guarantee’ by Kerry Stokes to the government that the cost to government would not exceed $500m. Also mentions the Audit Office’s continuing interest in the project (8 July entry).

Related material, including a public service reply to Honest History/Heritage Guardians letter to Treasurer and Minister for Finance about the costs issue – and proposing caps on further spending increases. A shorter version of the article appeared on page 3 of the Canberra Times hard copy under the title ‘ Minister keeping close eye on revamp’.

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