Audit Office to look into aspects of the War Memorial’s Big Build

Update 10 June 2023: ‘Audit is now open for contribution, with contribution expected to remain open until 1 October 2023’. 

Please look closely at the Audit criteria (see below) and address them. This is not the place for a generalised rant or a diatribe against the project itself. That ship has, as they say, sailed.


So, ANAO is asking for public input. Honest History’s input will be to stress the importance of interpreting the words ‘project management’ as broadly as possible, to include, for example, the management (or manipulation) of public opinion in support of the project. As we say below, Honest History and Heritage Guardians have followed the progress of the project for nearly five years.

Go to the ANAO website to upload your input to the audit. 

David Stephens


This has appeared on the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) website:

Management of the Australian War Memorial’s development project

The objective of this audit is to assess whether the Australian War Memorial is effectively managing the development project.

Audit criteria

The ANAO proposes to examine:

  1. Has the Australian War Memorial established effective procurement and project management frameworks?

  2. Were procurement activities conducted in accordance with Commonwealth Procurement Rules?

  3. Has the Memorial established effective contract management arrangements to support project delivery?

The audit has been ‘potential’ on the ANAO’s work program for two years. Honest History has monitored its progress over that time (or use our Search engine). Work has commenced and the report will come out in March next year. ‘Contributions’ from the public will be sought soon (keep an eye on the webpage).

7 June 2023 updated

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One comment on “Audit Office to look into aspects of the War Memorial’s Big Build
  1. Leighton View says:

    A step that is good to see. More light shed on the behind the curtain machinations at the AWM is to be celebrated.

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