Ataturk and Anzackery on Monday

Ian Warden (‘Gang-Gang’) in Fairfax uses our City of Hume Ataturk material in a piece about the battle between truth and sentimentality. (We’d prefer to say the battle between history and myth or the battle between honest and dishonest history.)

The city’s response thus far [says Gang-Gang] shows a sweet indifference to whether the words are true or not and a determination to use them because they are such jolly lovely words and are much quoted by lovely politicians. Some of us will wager that the City of Hume will press ahead. Australia is dumb now, and when Truth and Sentimentality get into an Australian ring together, Sentimentality usually wins by knock out.

Meanwhile, down in Tasmania, a recent Honest History piece that, among other things, reminded readers about Andrew Nikolic, MP, Brigadier retired but Anzacker very active, was highlighted in the Tasmanian Times. The headline of the piece, ‘The man who would tell the ABC how to tell us how to think’, makes sense if you read the full story at the link.

15 June 2015