Allan, Susan: Governments and history: David Stephens interview

Allan, Susan

‘”Governments want a history that reflects their agenda“‘, World Socialist Web Site, 8 January 2015

Long interview with Honest History secretary, David Stephens, speaking in a personal capacity. The interview covers the politicisation of the Great War centenary by governments around the world, the bipartisan commemorative agenda in Australia in recent years, the targeting of children by commemorative protagonists in Australia, including Minister Ronaldson, who talks about childrens’ obligations to carry forward the torch of remembrance and the need for them to understand that their freedom has been paid for in blood, the education program at the Australian War Memorial, and the PACER subsidy for school visits, which mandates a visit to the War Memorial. On the other hand, there are the teaching materials put together by the Medical Association for the Prevention of War and the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria, which give more realistic information about the nature of warfare.

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