Acquroff, Nick: Westography: images of a vanished suburbia

Acquroff, Nick

Westography: images of a vanished suburbia‘, Broadsheet, 5 July 2016

This is a story about a book of photographs, Westography, by Warren Kirk. The pictures are taken around the inner western suburbs of Melbourne. There are a dozen or so accompanying the review and many more on Kirk’s Flickr page.

From Altona to Airport West, Sunshine to Yarraville, [says Acquroff of Kirk] he spoke to old men in cluttered workshops and people who sold fruit on the side of the highway. He photographed old cars and signs and change rooms at sporting grounds that had been dormant for many winters. He photographed people and brought out a dignity and proudness in each of them that was only evident on second glance. He found little pockets of the world that had been lost in time.

Great pictures. There is a link from the Broadsheet article for those wishing to buy the book at $24.95. Featured also in The Age, Guardian Australia, ABC.

Broadsheet is an online magazine targeting food, arts, culture. There’s a Sydney edition also.


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