Lake, Marilyn et al Wheeler Centre debate: April 2013

Lake, Marilyn, Graham Wilson, Jeff Sparrow, Brendan Nelson, John Martinkus, Nicholas Jans

Intelligence Squared Debate: Anzac Day is More Puff Than Substance, 30 April 2013‘, The Wheeler Centre (video, audio, no transcript)

The plucky bravery of the Anzacs is one of our great national stories – it plays into our idea of who we are. But why is one of the touchstones of our identity based on a historic defeat?  Some are sick of the mantras of Anzac and mateship, while others believe worship of soldiers is inappropriate in an era when we’re still at war in Afghanistan. Are we becoming warmongers – or recognising the sacrifice of our defence personnel?

Our diverse panel – including historians, war reporters and former Army personnel – will argue some of the thorny issues. For instance, are the contributions of female, indigenous and migrant Australians sufficiently recognised in Anzac celebrations? (blurb)

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