Two Afghanistan-related items for your consideration: IPAN Webinar; Twenty Years project organised by Antony Loewenstein

IPAN Webinar on the context and consequences of Australia’s generation-long war in Afghanistan

IPAN (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network) has a webinar on Thursday, October 21, 6 pm AEDT, chaired by lawyer and human rights activist Kellie Tranter, with speakers Diana Sayed, CEO of the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights, Emma Shortis, historian, David McBride, whistleblower.

Zoom. Sign up here.

Twenty Years project organised by journalist and activist Antony Loewenstein

For more than 2+ years Antony has been developing the Twenty Years project with Melbourne-based artist Tia Kass and Afghans around the world. This month it finally launches, a timely collaboration between artists and journalists to assess the reality of 20+ years of war in Afghanistan.

Phase one of the project launches now with public events (7 and 8 October, sorry for late notice) featuring Afghans in Australia and the Diaspora discussing the war and new artwork and journalism on civilians affected by the conflict. The Twenty Years website is now live.

8 October 2021