The Brendan Nelson legacy at the Australian War Memorial: Heritage Guardians David Stephens and Sue Wareham on 3CR Melbourne

Heritage Guardians David Stephens and Sue Wareham spoke on air with 3CR’s Jan Bartlett on Tuesday this week. The broadcast is now available here (Stephens from mark 0.14; Wareham from mark 0.39) and runs for about 40 minutes.

Most of the discussion was about the Australian War Memorial, following the conclusion of Brendan Nelson’s term as Director and the imminent arrival of his successor Matthew Anderson. (For earlier posts on these matters scroll down the Heritage Guardians campaign diary.) Aired were the Memorial’s attitude to chasing donations from arms manufacturers, the future of the Memorial Council, including the possible promotion of Tony Abbott to Chair, the justification for the Memorial’s $498 million extension, and Nelson’s move to a senior position with Boeing as an example of the military-industrial-commemorative complex.

David Stephens is editor of the Honest History website. Sue Wareham is President of Medical Association for Prevention of War.

21 February 2020


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