Sydney University graduate (and writer for Honest History) appointed Executive Director of Toynbee Prize Foundation

Aden Knaap, a graduate in History and Law from the University of Sydney and now a PhD student and Knox Fellow at Harvard University, has been elected Executive Director of the Toynbee Prize Foundation. The Toynbee Prize was established to recognize social scientists for significant academic and public contributions to humanity. Some past winners include Raymond Aron, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Kenneth Clark, George Kennan, Jean-Paul Sartre, Arthur Schlesinger Jr, and Barbara Ward.

In December 2014, Aden contributed an article to Honest History based on his honours thesis: ‘Family matters: internationalism in early 20th century Australia‘. His supervisor was Professor Glenda Sluga of Sydney University, who is one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters. Aden was also an associate of ‘Inventing the International’, a Laureate Research Program in International History based at Sydney. Honest History wishes Aden well in his work with the Toynbee Prize Foundation and at Harvard.

Aden takes up his Toynbee position in June. He is also working on

a book project on the history of international adjudication and arbitration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; a second project on conceptions of world federalism among individuals and civil society organizations of the early to mid-twentieth century, exploring questions of sovereignty, territoriality and jurisdiction; and an article on how early Australian internationalists adopted and adapted European ideas of the League of Nations, in a process I term “domesticating” internationalism.’

10 February 2017

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