Stuart Macintyre 1947-2021

Stuart Macintyre, distinguished Australian historian, died today after a long period of ill health. He will be greatly missed. Honest History was proud to have Stuart as a contributor to The Honest History Book (2017), where he penned a perceptive chapter on economic busts and booms in Australian history. We had been pleased also when he agreed to be listed as one of Honest History’s distinguished supporters.

In the early days of the Honest History website, he also reminded us of the term ‘Anzackery’, originally coined by Geoffrey Serle, and which has become very useful since to those who, like Stuart, cast a critical eye over shibboleths and myths. One of his great recent works was Australia’s Boldest Experiment: War and Reconstruction in the 1940s, for which he won the Ernest Scott Prize.

There are many tributes already for Stuart on Twitter at @HistAustJournal. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family and close friends.

Obituary from Janet McCalman. Obituary from Jon Piccini. Obituaries from Brian Aarons, Tim Rowse. Inside Story articles by Stuart Macintyre. Obituary from Frank Bongiorno. Obituary from Kim Rubenstein. Obituary from Doug Munro (Labour History Project [New Zealand], No. 84, April 2022, pp. 37-39; pdf with permission of publisher). Obituary from Martin Crotty. Speech from Frank Bongiorno to launch Stuart’s final book, The Party. Recordings of papers given at conference on Stuart’s life and work.

David Stephens

22 November 2021 updated

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